Black Friday is here! HHCF Trap King T-shirts on sale NOW!

Black Friday is here and HHCF has just what you need!! HHCF Trap King t shirts are in high demand because they are super rare. (We have not made shirts in a few years). The Trap King shirt is made to inspire those who are never satisfied with draws. It’s for the players who live to trap kings and capture queens. We wanted to make sure that you and your friends could look fresh and help young people at the same time. The money raised will help HHCF programs in The Bay Area and St. Louis.

Some of our shirts are as low as $15.00!!

GO HERE and get yours NOW. These shirts are up for a limited time.

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HHCF Founder Pens Article for St. Louis American


chesssquadoak (1)

Of all the things chess can give a child, the most beautiful thing is a smile. That smile usually reflects the joy of a young person realizing their inner wisdom.

By helping them identify their intelligence, without trying to guide it, my organization has helped many teens leave the street life and choose education and peace as a life path. Chess for the sake of chess itself is not why kids in the ‘hood play. They play to learn how chess is like life.

I founded the Hip-Hop Chess Federation in 2006 in the San Francisco bay area. We are the first 501(c)3 non-profit to fuse music and chess to help kids make better decisions in life.


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Donate and help kids learn more about chess, jiu-jitsu and life!!


The HHCF is known as a leader in education innovation. Earlier this year our Founder consulted the World Chess Hall of Fame for the record breaking Living Like Kings exhibit in St. Louis. We worked directly with RZA (Wu-Tang Clan/ American Gangster) to promote nonviolence. Kids who supplement their math studies with chess score 15% higher than those who try other methods. The martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu help kids gain self confidence and gain a higher level of physical fitness and self esteem. We teach chess and life skills to kids so they know more than just the mechanics of the game. We add themes that superimpose positions on the chessboard to social situations in life and business. The jiu-jitsu class will give them self-defense fundamentals.  However, chess and jiu-jitsu classes are expensive. So many parents are unable have their kids learn either. For many parents the idea of a class that would teach kids both is simply beyond the range of their pocketbooks. This is where you come in.  

Reaching our 10k goal will allow 50  kids to take a 12 week session. The grades and emotional well being of the students will be tracked and documented in a short video. You will be able to see the direct impact of your donation.

Our goal is to scholarship local kids in here and train them in chess and life strategies and jiu-jitsu. Your donation will make sure they have the space, the jiu-jitsu gi (what they wear while training) teachers and tutors needed to take them to the next level.Most of the kids I’ve worked with are from tough areas. The bulk are Black and Latino but we work to help everybody we can. In the HHCF we know that the power of and team, is in its diversity. We plan to build our program in the facility first and then spread it across Oakland the the rest of the bay (and the country really). Our previous programs have been in San Francisco, Hayward, and San Jose. These classes will be held in our new Fremont, HQ.

Simply put, American education has been in a state of emergency. Many of our schools and families are broken. Some of our children are being fed right into juvenile hall by corrupt judges. Basically, folks are investing in the failure of our people. I’m asking you to help me counter that by supporting HHCF so we can help kids do better in school and in life on the streets. Once the intitial 10k has been raised we will put out a special press release and add a section to our site that lists your name and your brand on our site, honring our commitment to working with HHCF to help pave new paths to eduction and peace. Read what educators and others sayabout HHCF.

Donate today!! Then share with your friends.

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Hip-Hop Chess Federation Auctions Lost Autographed Chessboards by Wu-Tang Clan

For Immediate Release:

PR Contact: Meek Gaborski

(657) 229-2787

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Auctions Lost Autographed Chessboards by Wu-Tang Clan

Arts and Education Non-profit Raising Money for New Community Center


8/3/15 San Jose, CA- The Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) has just announced that it is auctioning three autographed chessboards signed by Rza and Gza of the Wu-Tang Clan, International Chessmaster Josh Waitzkin and Rakaa Iriscience from Dilated Peoples. The initial auction price of the boards is $150.00. The boards had been lost after they were signed in October of 2007 at the Chess Kings Invitational in San Francisco. They recently were found as the organization was moving items to take to the new facility. The auction is happening to raise funds for the newHHCF Community Center. The new community center will host various classes on Hip-Hop dance, chess, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and after school tutoring and mentoring programs.

HHCF Founder Adisa The Bishop recently finished serving as an Education and History Consultant on Hip-Hop and chess for the record breaking exhibit at the World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis, Missouri. The discussion on chess, martial arts and Hip-Hop as tools for non-violence has swept across universities like University of Connecticut, University Wisconsin Whitewater and Oberlin College among others. HHCF Summer Camps were hosted in San Jose and in East Palo Alto to help keep at-risk kids off the street and planning their future.

RZA serves as the Director of Outreach for the HHCF. In the wake of the police shootings of  Michael Brown and Vonderitt Myers RZA and Adisa spoke to St. Louis youth and visited incarcerated youth.  RZA shared his in depth wisdom about race in America, Ferguson, and the importance of chess as a tool for life strategies and  non-violence.

“These chessboards represent a unique era in the fusion between chess and Hip-Hop” stated Adisa The Bishop “These boards are not going to be reproduced. Whether you are a Hip-Hop or chess history buff, this is a truly one of a kind thing to have for any collector to own.”

To place your bid for one of the three autographed Hip-Hop Chess Federation chessboards visit:EBay now! For more information on the Hip-Hop Chess Federation visit or follow @realhiphopchess on Instagram.

Photo: From L-R: Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples, Daaim Shabazz of the Chess Drum, RZA and Josh Waitzkin. Photo courtesy of The Chess Drum.

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City of San Jose Gives Safe Summer Initiative Grant to Hip-Hop Chess Federation

City of San Jose Awards Hip-Hop Chess Federation Grant for Chess and Life Strategies Summer Camp

HHCF Opens FREE Summer Camp to Keep Kids Focused on School and Off the Streets     

May 20th, 2015 San Jose, CA – The Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) is happy to announce they will be hosting a FREE Chess and Life Strategies summer camp starting June 15th to August 15th 2015 at the Seven Trees Community Center in San Jose, CA. This powerful, innovative education program is brought to you in part by the city of San Jose awarding the HHCF the Safe Summer Initiative Grant (SSIG). The purpose of the SSIG is to give funds to organizations that strive to help teens in underserved areas. “It is a deep honor for the HHCF to be awarded the SSIG.” stated VP of Outreach Meek Gaborski. “Our commitment to inspire and enable young minds to higher heights, is rapidly getting more recognition. Everyone in HHCF is excited.”

The HHCF Chess and Life Strategies program teaches more than chess. In the HHCF chess positions on the board are matched with lessons that teach teens the power of patience, planning and independent thinking methods. “We make the game more culturally relevant to young people by showing them rappers, business leaders and politicians who play chess.” stated HHCF Founder, Adisa Banjoko. “This gets their  attention and allows them to see themselves in the game. Sadly in the summer,  many kids get into gangs, drugs and bad behavior because they don’t have anyone to work with them. HHCF is here for the kids of San Jose. We have a lot of gang activity out here. ”

Adisa Banjoko recently served as the education and history consultant to the World Chess Hall of Fame (WCHOF) exhibit Living Like Kings  in St. Louis, Missouri. The Living Like Kings  grand opening broke all previous attendance records for WCHOF grand openings.  RZA from Wu-Tang Clan (HHCF’s Director of Ourtreach) and Adisa spent time in St. Louis last year after the police killing of Mike Brown. They spoke to more than 1000  at-risk teens, including incarcerated youth. Their lectures centered on the impact of chess and martial arts can have on their  discipline and decision making. In 2015, Adisa Banjoko gave powerful lectures at Lehigh, Oberlin College and University of Connecticut among others.

HHCF also released a mixtape promoting their ideals of chess and peace at .

For more on HHCF and their Chess and Life Strategies  programs visit

About HHCF: The Hip-Hop Chess Federation is the world’s first nonprofit (501c3) to fuse music, chess and martial arts to promote unity, strategy and nonviolence. They host lectures, panels, and celebrity chess events to help at-risk, gang-impacted and gang intentional youth make better decisions in life. The HHCF has been featured on Good Morning America, Forbes, Chess Life, VIBE and Rolling Stone.  

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Download PDF Sampler of new book Hip-Hop, Chess and Martial Arts

The cover for Adisa Banjoko’s upcoming book Royal Wisdom: The History of Hip-Hop and Chess

Download a sample PDF of the book now at (look for this painting on the bottom left of the homepage!)

This painting is an amazing 8×12 foot piece by Carlos Rodriguez and Rene Guyiot for Reyes Muertos Army. Check them out at Photo Credit: Helene Ehrlich

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WATCH: Adisa Banjoko LECTURE at Oberlin College

Hidden in Plain Sight: The History of Hip-Hop Chess

Oberlin College April 14th 2015

Part 1 : Watch Video (intro to HHCF philosophy)

Part 2: Watch Video (forgotten history of Bobby Fischer, Afrika Bambaataa and Bruce Lee)

Part 3: (no video-  technical difficulties)

Part 4: Watch Videos (new era of non-violence and innovation)

Testimonials after presentation:
Adisa Banjoko had forever changed the perceptions and trajectory of the Oberlin student body. The diversity and depth of his topics was astounding. Not only were we informed of a powerful intellectual history of Hip-Hop, we were also given a once in a lifetime perspective on non-violence. All the students that head his words were infused with his spirit and desire to positively impact the world. – Ali Amiri, Co-Head Oberlin Chess Club 
“Adisa painted an inspirational picture of how individuals can use whatever tools are at their disposal to affect change in the world. Adisa has proven that chess, hip-hop, and martial arts can be used as a powerful hybrid to empower young people discarded from our social system. His talk kindled a renewed spirit of service within our chess community at Oberlin, and his message is a powerful one which should be shared with many communities with the ability to improve the lives of those around them.”
          – Constantine Ananiadis, Oberlin Chess Club Advisor
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