Tony Hawk Plays Chess?!? YES! I got a signed board to prove it.

Thats right y’all. The mighty Tony Hawk, Lord of the Skateboard- is a chess player!! Old school friend of mine DJ Mike Relm DJ’s for Tony Hawks Boom Boom HuckJam Tour. They been tearing it up with other skaters, BMX and Motocross dudes.

Mike Relm unbeknown to most, was KEY in the evolution of the Hip-Hop Chess Federation. About a year before the HHCF was formed, he and I were working on a film about Hip-Hop and chess. It was supposed to be called 64 Squares in the Ciper. But then The Blue Man Group called Mike Relm to tour with them and I never get to see my homey unless he’s on stage. šŸ˜¦

Anyway, he got my family tickets and we went. Got a chance to meet Tony Hawk himself. My son and daughter were mostly speechless. I asked him if he played. He said yes and told me he just taught his son how to play. I gave him a board and he SIGNED one for my daughter. Maybe one day Mr. Hawk will bless us with his presence at an HHCF jammy jam!!

The venue was packed and the show was beyond words. I’ve seen these kind of events on TV a million times and own a few DVD’s. But now, nothing and I mean nothing compares to seeing Tony Hawk set it off live and direct while Mike Relm rips the turntables and the video screens to shreds.

So now check THIS out…Toward the end of the show, I’m rushing one of my kids to the bathroom and I see a dude (who has his back to me) and my spidey sense told me I knew them…I tapped them on the shoulder and said, “Ray”? Dude turned around and it was RAY LUV….The original OG pioneer rapper from the Bay…Cats might remember that photo of us from the old school shot from waaaaay back.

Thats Ray Luv on the left and 2Pac on the far right (from 1989). We used to kick it and party and talk Hip-Hop shop for hours way back. Ray and I connected like long lost family. It was mind blowing. He’s got a video series called Pushin’ the Bay that laces people on everything the Bay rap scene gave the world. It was divine timing. Oh yeah, and Ray Luv is a chess player to!!! So, we finna get him up to won of our events and have him represent on the 64 squares. I mean, Ray Luv got game for real. It only makes sense that he’s a chess playa- feeeeeeeeel me?

Before closing the event, Tony Hawk took the mic and told the people of the crowd to follow their dreams and do what they love. He said that when he started skating, that it WAS NOT considered cool to skate. But that he and the ones he hung out with loved it. He encouraged the crowd to stick with what they love no matter how many people doubt them.

That was a real inspirational moment…

Anyway, my mind is on fire right now seeing so much, reconnecting with old Hip-Hop family and watching Tony Hawk and crew tear the Shoreline Amphitheater down. It’s gonna be hard to sleep. But ummmm for any of you squares who ain’t up on Ray, make sure to watch this classic video below and then search youtube to hear his old tracks with 2Pac from way back. Much love until next time.

PS. Much love to DJ AJaxxx the OG Mike P from the DFTC ….I kicked it with him and his family for a minute at the event to…


About hiphopchessfederation

The Hip Hop Chess Federation fuses music chess and martial arts to promote unity, strategy and non-violence. Our goal is to improve the intellectual, cultural and artistic state of young American minds.
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