A Letter from the Principal of Juan Crespi Middle School on HHCF

Rappers San Quinnn (L) and Balance (R) with HHCF Founder Adisa Banjoko at Juan Crespi School in El Cerrito, CA.

March 4, 2008

Dear Mr. Banjoko,

On behalf of Juan Crespi Middle School’s students, staff and administration we would like to thank you and your performers for such a rewarding assembly. The students were enthralled by the messages you, Balance and San Quin gave to them. You were inspiring and real when presenting to our students. I must also say that it is very hard to hold younger students’ attention, but with your positive and informative message you managed to do so.

You helped promote the importance of education and with your explanation of your Hip Hop Chess Federation, you make quite a few of our students interested in playing chess. They are interested in having a chess club on campus.

Again, thank you for your time and we look forward to using you at the school again.


Sherry E. Bell


This is HALF the crowd!! We did two packed houses like this.

San Quinn loves the kids. They love him back.

Balance and Quinn. Real men having real conversation.

If you would like to sponsor the HHCF, f if you’d like us to come out to your school email: gaborski@shinkenpublicrelations.com !!

About hiphopchessfederation

The Hip Hop Chess Federation fuses music chess and martial arts to promote unity, strategy and non-violence. Our goal is to improve the intellectual, cultural and artistic state of young American minds.
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