A Word to the Educators, Librarian, Teachers, Community Organizers…from my heart

2008 Juvenile Hall Olympics at San Jose, CA. Photo by Michael Denning

Its hard on the blvd. for the kids…Sometimes they go through so much, you can see the child in them whithering away before you…But at the same time the child in them is struggling to live…Sometimes you feel like you are watching a room of baby birds with broken wings….You’re not sure you can help them, but you believe they will fly…Unfortunately, many are overtaken by the snakes of the world who lurk in the shadows…But a good number do make it.

I would like to take this moment to salute all teachers, librarians, rec center volunteers, coaches and juvenile hall workers who do what they do, for the love of it…For the love…We know we can save more than most believe- and we will. The children will fly…Because of the love.

About hiphopchessfederation

The Hip Hop Chess Federation fuses music chess and martial arts to promote unity, strategy and non-violence. Our goal is to improve the intellectual, cultural and artistic state of young American minds.
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