HHCF Life Strategies Summer Series Number #5: Stay In School

Stay in school!!! Man people always downplay the importance of rap music. That =, or they intentionally distort the truth about it. I love Biz Markies Check Em Out  more than words can say!! Nobody can ever tell me rap encourages ignorance and foolishness. This song NEVER gets rotation and its THE BEAT!

Even if you hate school, you should read on your own. Kids love Tupac, but they ignore the fact that Tupac read books all the time. He came up with the Makavelli idea after reading The Prince, by Nicolo Machiavelli. Thats no easy book to read. But he did it. Now because of all the books he read, the whole landscape of music is different.

Sometimes the monotony of school makes you think all reading sucks. The truth is, there are a lot of amazing books out there. A lot of amazing authors, stories, poems and funny things you have yet to learn.

Don’t let a tough time with a teacher or touch time with a subject get you to dropping out ot just not trying.

Once a girl I knew was gonna leave John O’Connell High School. Told me she wanted to just go live and deal with life. I told her flat out “The world is a cold and unforgiving place for an uneducated woman. Any time you see a woman suffering ask her how much school she went to. The pain she endures is almost always indirect relation to her education.” The girl stayed in school and graduated.

But the same is true for boys as well. I saw some kids cutting before the end of year when it was near finals time. I told them, “Every step you take away from the classroom is a step towards a jail cell.” They laughed at me. I said “You think its funny but think about it. If you cut class, you’re gonna drop out. If you drop out, you’re not going to have a job (because you don’t have a life skill or discipline of self). If you don’t have a job, you have to do crime to survive. If you have to do crime to survive you are going to jail- because your not smart already!” The verdict is out on those two. But you can make a choice now to pick up a book, read  about whatever you like. But keep reading. Keep educating yourself on your own, but stay in school!

Truth is, I dropped out. I never stopped reading on my own. I took a few college courses….But I’ve decided I have to go back to school. I have to live my words so you understand the importance of what I’m telling you.

About hiphopchessfederation

The Hip Hop Chess Federation fuses music chess and martial arts to promote unity, strategy and non-violence. Our goal is to improve the intellectual, cultural and artistic state of young American minds.
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