HHCF Chess Kings Invitational Tentative Schedule

HHCF Chess Kings Invitational Schedule

Mind Over Matter Panel at 1 PM – 2 PM

This panel will discuss how chess and martial arts can improve the current state of education and society at large. It will also cover some of the more subtle challenges and innovative solutions available in today’s schools.

RZA- Wu-Tang Clan, Author Wu Manual and Tao of Wu

Andrew McGregor – LA Chessboxing Founder, Photojournalist

Dr. Martin Gomez – Phd Principal at Santee Education Complex

Sergio Flores – EDD Dir. of Transformation at Partnership for LA Schools

Asheru – Rapper of Boondocks Theme Song & Educator Washington DC

Jiu Jitsu & Chess Exhibition 2:15 : Feat. TBA with Gumby and Scotty from

A short live illustration between positional correlations between chess and jiu jitsu

HHCF Chess King Invitational Tournament at 2:45 PM

RZA – HHCF Chess King Title Holder, Wu-Tang Clan / Man With The Iron Fists)

Ralek Gracie – Gracie Jiu Jitsu Master / MMAFighter

Brendan Schaub (UFC/Metamoris Fighter)

Rugged Monk – Rapper, Black Knights

4 More Players TBA

HHCF Health Corner:

Dr. Peter Goldman, chiropractor to BJ Penn, Gilbert Melendez, Jake Shields, Rickson Gracie, Clark Gracie, Eddie Bravo, Rigan Machado, Bas Rutten, NFL players, Pro Hockey players and many other of the world’s best professional athletes will be adjusting 2PM to 4PM Adjustments are $95. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Pete email sfgoldman@gmail.com. His website is

HHCF Cipher: TBD


SPECIAL THANKS to our sponsors: www.ctrlindustries.comwww.studioannecarltonchess.com, www.uschess.org,  www.openmatradio.comwww.thechessdrum.netwww.chess.comwww.dstryrsg.com and www.timbuk2.com !


About hiphopchessfederation

The Hip Hop Chess Federation fuses music chess and martial arts to promote unity, strategy and non-violence. Our goal is to improve the intellectual, cultural and artistic state of young American minds.
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